The FUNdamentals of building a change platform

#MatExpAdvent-ures. Day 17

Everyone knows that children love having fun

Especially at Christmas!

But when we get older, having fun can be more elusive. Particularly at work.

I created a board game called Whose Shoes. There has been pressure not to refer to it as such but to call it by grown up 'management speak' names such as 'improvement toolkit'. Fun is apparently taboo. We are all expected to conform to the norm.

But we have a lot of fun. And we make a lot of things happen. Real change.

A whole session at the global IHI conference in Orlando devoted to the FUNdamentals of having fun as well!

Indeed using Whose Shoes creatively (exploring serious issues while daring to inject a strong element of fun) has sparked a social movement - a change platform. #MatExp. Improving maternity services.

A bit of humour can put a message across very succinctly

You may remember Flo's story right at the beginning of #MatExpAdvent-ures exploring what we mean by a 'change platform'

Building a change platform is about building bottom-up change that everyone can get involved with. We have lots of goodies to share…

We are sharing them throughout December via our #MatExpAdvent stories. Well today we look in Santa's sack to find three unexpected ingredients that you don't find in formal management books about building a change platform

Platform shoes. Purple of course. Only kidding... 😂

Cake. Seriously! (This fab calorie-fest was made by talented Camella Main at St Thomas's Hospital)

So here is the story behind the cake. When we ran the Whose Shoes? pilot workshops in London, everything was thought about. The NHS provided brilliant support - fantastic preparation and practical arrangements. But providing refreshments was proving to be tricky. Again, probably something around people being seen to have a bit of fun in times of austerity… It is always easier to justify spending money on immediately measurable things than things that might deliver enormous savings in the long term…

Florence Wilcock, leading the first workshop at Kingston Hospital, is an optimist. Always one to turn a challenge into an opportunity. The #MatExp #Bakeoff was born.

By Jackie Moulla, Lewisham

And it has carried on into other areas of our work - check out #KHFTWhoseShoes

As you may have noticed, we have also added a bit of zest to our #MatExp campaign through prolific use of lemons. A popular ingredient for a cake (we are very partial to lemon cake!) but an unusual ingredient for a change platform

I can't tell you the whole story behind the lemons, but it has led to some fruity shopping expeditions. This was me preparing for NHS Expo!

Suffice to say that it started when Florence and I made a video for NHS Change Day. And that at least one of us felt a right lemon. And the colour of my jacket didn't help…

And it has turned into our ultimate symbol of success. Three lemons - think one armed bandit on the pier – yes that's right, a jackpot 🍋🍋🍋!

Work hard, have fun… And always treat your colleagues as human beings. Key ingredients of #MatExp.

Our friends at Kingston Hospital are leading the way

So I am not sure whether it will win you any CPD points. Or tick any boxes in a formal change management programme. But personally I think tick boxes are overrated. 😉 So you heard it here first – Cakes, lemons and possibly purple platform shoes - a.k.a. tapping into our shared humanity... The recipe for making great stuff happen. 🍋💜 #MatExp 💜🍋

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