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16 #MatExpAdvent -ures

Decorations come in all shapes & sizes like ideas 💡

A pledge & perseverance An idea from the first #MatExp workshop

A pledge was made by Bal, Supervisor of midwives to get a blackboard for women to chalk up live feedback - Oct2014

Here she is deep in thought

Time passed Bal worked away quietly at her pledge encountering a surprising number of challenges. Fast forward ⏭June 2015 it was the hospital open day & Gill & I held a #khftwhoseshoes drop in session. Leaving exhausted I bumped into Bal who said ' I've finally done it! My board will be up next week!'

....& it was 😊

With a little explanation it hasn't taken long to catch on.

You can see its used in a variety of ways , baby announcements, siblings' art work & feedback to name a few

It gives women and families a space to get creative & go with whatever inspiration strikes It is wonderful as a member of staff to pass each day & see what is new. We have two boards at Kingston one in our maternity entrance and one on postnatal ward & like all the best ideas it is already being copied 👍🏻

Can't wait to see what pops up on it over Christmas !

Now we've started decorating we can't stop....look at the maternity theatres ceilings...

Or birthing room walls ...

Not to mention Christmas decorations

In 2016 our Graffiti board is still going strong & it's been complimented on in the Kings Fund report User feedback in maternity services

We know some other Trusts are decorating too😊 here is a fab example from Birmingham Women's hospital

This one is from a Bromley Children's centre so community is important too

A nice environment for women is important as Emma has written here

In 2017 we made a Nobody’s Patient wall display with poems for people to read

At Kingston with teamwork we transformed our obstetric labour rooms...

& we created the garden room for seeing women with previous birth trauma

We’ve also made our ward white board more friendly

With a little inspiration from our brilliant graphic facilitator Anna Geyer

What actions could you take to brighten things up or get live feedback? #MatExpAdvent -ures

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