Geelong and Bellarine

City, region and things to do

Last month I have 4 days working with tourism Geelong Bellarine to explore the beauty one of Victoria's big city and also the region, let's have a look...

Geelong is the one of big city in Victoria, Australia after Melbourne and located in Bellarine Peninsula, beautiful place to live as they have great social/public facilities and stunning region

It's a seafront city so expect a lot of sea view and sea gulls

Geelong actually pretty big, they have You Yangs National Park for hiking and adventure lovers

Also known for wheat and barleys with nickname "Craft beer capital"

Also good if you like water sports or something related with the sea

Stunning view..

Geelong itself packed with beautiful cafes and restaurants, great places to hang out for individuals, couples or families from all ages and backgrounds If you ever make it to Victoria, Australia, make sure you put Geelong on your list.

The End

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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