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Christmas is all about traditions and this is one of ours. Every December we make a gingerbread house. On the party of my sons birthday (which is just before Xmas), the kids get to trash it and eat it. It's known to be a party favorite and something our little guests don't likely forget:) I hope this recipe will inspire you to give it a go and start your own traditions:)

INGREDIENTS 3 dl light syrup or molasses 450 g sugar 450 g butter 3 dl cream 1,5 ts ground cloves 1,5 ts ground ginger 1,5 ts ground pepper 6 ts ground cinnamon 3 ts baking powder 1-1,2 kg flour


Melt molasses, sugar and butter in a saucepan on low heat. Mix until sugar is melted. Let it cool down for a few minutes. Add cream, spices and baking powder. Using a food processor, mix well while adding the flour bit by bit. Stop adding when dough feels like it slips the bowl. Normally I use about a kg. Wrap dough in plastic and leave in fridge over night. Roll out and cut shapes with cookie cutters. If you're making a gingerbread house, start with cutting out the biggest pieces first. All the left over dough can be used for cookies. Bake at 200 degrees c (this is about 350 F), 6 - 8 min. Assemble house with melted sugar (see instructions on following page) and decorate with icing (4 dl confectioner's sugar and 1 egg white) and sweets.

This house is one of the simplest you can make and you only need 4 pieces. 1) squares 21x24 cm 2) triangles 21x24 cm (The two sides of the triangle has to be the same length as the roof)


Glue house together with melted sugar. It's the best glue, but be VERY careful it's HOT HOT HOT and quite dangerous if you have kids around. It also hardens almost immediately, so you have to work very fast. Here's a great tutorial on the assembly process by Martha Stewart:


for decorating



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