Christmas can be a hard time for many. Be kind to yourself.

#MatExpAdvent-ures. Day 11

I really don't know how to do justice to this fabulous story by Emma Jane Sasaru who tweets as @ESasaruNHS. I have been thrilled that #MatExp has provided an extra platform for people who were already fabulous campaigners around improving maternity care.

I have been even more thrilled that it has somehow empowered people like Emma, who had incredibly important birth stories but felt unable to speak out, to find their voice. I have watched Emma's progress as she has grown in confidence, now speaking out powerfully at national maternity events. Emma is truly an inspirational lady.,,

Here is Emma's Christmas message to anyone suffering from birth trauma.

When many think of Christmas they think of a special birth, but for some Christmas can be difficult after a traumatic birth.

The holiday season can be hard with so much to do. So here's a few things we want to say to you.

Always remember... You may feel small but you are stronger than you think.

You are not alone

Remember to be gentle with yourself and let others help too.

Do only what you feel you can manage, Remember what matters to you.

When the dark skies are here, and you feel no xmas cheer, the stars shine bright and that includes you,

You bring love, and peace and joy to the world.

#MatExp is so important,

Sharing the message of kind and compassionate care

Because every birth is important, whether in a home, hospital or a stable.

Because there is nothing more precious than a mother and her baby at this time of the year

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