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10 #MatExpAdvent -ures

This is the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists where we sit our professional exams ,& come to be educated & advised by wise elders ......the establishment it were. I thought I might as well be trying to take #MatExp to the moon šŸ‘€ ! Well - we are a little unconventional you know šŸ‹

Improving 'patient' experience in healthcare seems to be perceived as a nursing sort of thing to do. The assumption frequently seems to be made that doctors don't do that 'fluffy' stuff I find this attitude surprising , in turn others find the very fact I am an obstetrician surprises them! However I make my own assumptions too.....

Our expectations both of ourselves & others can have a big impact

So I never expected to be unfolding a board game in the office of the President of RCOG !

But after sending an enthusiastic email to the RCOG president David Richmond all about #MatExp improving maternity experience that's exactly what happened! I was delighted to find him hugely supportive of the relaxed collaborative approach and able to see the vision of #nohierarchyjustpeople linking me with Ian Currie @Gynaecology1

Which resulted in an impromptu #MatExp ' stand' for me & @LeighKendall at RCOG women's health patient safety day in October

& A cover story for the O&G members magazine!

Read the article here

Others have expectations too - I'm proud to be an obstetrician despite some of the 'bad press' we get

We all set out to help & care for women but It's a tricky job you know, balancing safety & intervention with short time scales to make big decisions. The responsibility is massive

So I can't deny there is some reluctance from Obs to get involved in #MatExp


It can feel a bit risky & vulnerable & we have professional boundaries & regulations to consider. But we can't hope to improve unless we have constructive dialogue together & if there are fewer obstetricians we lose the balance of views that I think is critical .

Start small

I hear some obs say - What's in it for us? I don't have any influence, there's' no time! You are the stars of the future. Start small, I guarantee however compassionate you are your practice will change from being involved I know mine has.

Take a peek at good practice elsewhere by following along & then when ready decide what small step you are able to take

Take one giant leap

Challenge your assumptions , if you are not an obstetrician talk to one& hear their perspective, what are their worries & concerns .behind their actions? What action can you take to work better together whatever your interest in maternity?

Seek out those fabulous obstetricians (#FabObs ) already working to improve women's experiences & nurture those who need a little more encouragement

Calling all #FabObs out there today is going to be a good day! Listen to you colleagues , work collaboratively & help spread the good stuff by joining in #MatExp. Enjoy #RCOGNTC šŸ˜Š

So in 2016 we presented to the National labour ward leads meeting

I went to the world RCOG congress & presented a #MatExp poster

We had a meeting with some other #FabObs about how #MatExp might work with RCOG

I was the lone obs voice at WomensVoices16

Here we are on the stage at RCOG presenting at the MBRRACE launch

So in 2017 womenā€™s voices conference led by amazing Michele Quashie was hosted by RCOG

I finally met Sarah Winfield fabobs in Leeds who did the lithotomy challenge

I talked #MatExp at a London O&G training event

We have met more #fabobs up & down the country at our workshops

Watch this space because 2018 is going to be even more exciting with the launch of the British Intrapartum Care society full of #fabobs !

Whose shoes? šŸ˜‰

#MatExpAdvent -ures

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