mountain love


The mountain has a special place in my heart. I go there every time I can. To fill my eyes with beauty, to slow down the hectic city lifestyle, to feel good and yes, to find peace. *** Peaceful is the breathtaking view of the landscape you can admire up there. After hours of hiking, the reward always worth all efforts. And problems generally seem less important, when you are able to put everything in the right scale.

I find peace when I am lucky enough to be in the only group of people enjoying a silent white walking on the snow.

I find peace (also) in making someone happy, even when you are dead beat...

Ok, ok, I play fetch with stick with you once again Lusty!

• Fin • Thanks to @cecimil and @elisapella for bringing me hiking around with them. I own my love for mountains (also) to you ❤️ More stories on: