Making sure everyone is well fed at Christmas

#MatExpAdvent-ures Day 9

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat... But what is baby going to eat? she can't have that!

Helen Calvert @heartmummy has access to a fantastic network of mums through Facebook groups and in real life . Today's story is based on the work on infant feeding that different members of #MatExp have done or are doing. Helen has written the story and the photos are all from her fab Mummies.. Huge thanks to everyone who has contrbuted!

So much food on offer, the grown ups get quite stuffed! The motto for most of us at Christmas is “if in doubt, eat!” Which is pretty much the motto for babies all the year round.....

Hungry? Have a good munch. Hopefully tongue tie won't slow you down. Why should the grown ups be the only ones to get a yummy Christmas dinner?

Awake in the night? Why not have a feed?

Mummy and Daddy can get lots of independent information on infant milks from First Steps Nutrition

And you can keep an eye out for Santa!

Sleepy? Snuggle up to Mummy It's fine coz she's had good advice about what medications she can take whilst breastfeeding – and whether she can have a Christmas tipple!

Fancy a cuddle? How about a nice snuggly drink?

Hark the Herald Angels sing for responsive feeding! As recommended by UNICEF's Baby Friendly team

In pain? Breastmilk can help with that.

Make sure your doctors and nurses have #hospitalbreastfeeding info in their Christmas stockings!”

Hoping for a good immune system? Get that breastmilk down you!

WBTi and the APPG set up by MP Alison Thewliss are working on raising awareness of what needs to be done to support more families to breastfeed. 🌟 What Christmas stars they are! 🌟

The #MatExp community is working on information, support and understanding for all infant feeding choices.

What a Christmas treat that would be!

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