All the feels.

To observe, witnessing such beautiful things. Such painful things. Such visceral things. Tangible emotions. Vivid emotions: because underneath we're all just the same really.

Our faces tell the stories we can't, won't, don't.

The stories we want to shout from the rooftops. Stories about frustration.

Sometimes they're funny funny stories. Stories full of joy.

Stories of victory!

Happiness, desire, lust, love, contentment.

Stories of kindness and generosity.

Stories of boredom.

Ponderings of the soul.

Peaceful wonderings guided by the motions of life.

Sometimes it's a story of loneliness and sometimes it's one of acceptance.

All the good stuff and the bad.


I try to capture all the feelings - because we're all just the same on the inside. Check out more #streetphotography on Instagram @jstr_

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