If I asked you to buy crackers what would you come back with?

8 #MatExpAdvent -ures

Which type? What did I mean you to buy?

Language & communication are massive themes in #MatExp One word or abbreviation can mean one thing to one person & something totally different to someone else even within medical jargon for example: IOL = Induction of Labour ( maternity) Intra ocular lens (eye unit)

Language is one of the six #MatExp heart values. Some language can be distressing, offensive & judgemental without us even realising.

Words can be hard to change....

We can unintentionally cause a lot of damage with words some of which are deeply entrenched in processes & systems . There are power implications with some such as 'allow'. We do individually control what we say so think about how the words you use might feel to the person listening

A small plea .....if you are going to take one message from this.... Just what is a 'Normal Delivery'? Turn the page to look at the possibilities.....

Is it acceptable that if you google 'delivery' images you get boxes, pizza & a ventouse delivery... I kid you not. Use BIRTH & what is normal - 'normal' for who? We've had quite a few #MatExp blogs and discussions on the subject so you might want to check them out on matexp.org.uk

2016 update no different better communication & use of language women can understand has cropped up again and again

Nobody's Patient brought talk of outliers, risk & the strange language of neonatal care

View a video Gill was inspired to make here

Language continues to be a clear theme in 2017

A film is being made as a result of Gill’s doathon session so keep a look out in 2018!

Back to those crackers, did you bring home the right ones?

#MatExpAdvent -ures

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