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Facts and verses from the Koran that just might surprise you and hopefully piss off those idiots we call ISIS

Before everything else

I must stress that this is not a post to compare/contrast or promote a faith over another. But to get my point across I will be writing from an islamic context. I respect all faiths or what an individual deems to be his truth.

Fun fact 1. Muslims believe in the old testament.

Fun fact 2. In the times of the Islamic Empire (which ISIS claims they want to revive) non muslims lived peacefully, in fact, they were not obligated to fight in the government's wars and were insured safety and were asked to pay an income tax which equated to the 2.5% muslims must pay for charity annually and were guaranteed protection in times of war.

Verse from the Koran (Surat al-kafirun) Say: You that do not believe I do not believe/worship in what you believe Nor do you believe in what I believe. Nor will I believe in what you believe Nor will you believe in what I believe. You have your faith, and I have mine. *These verses are meant to teach tolerance of differing perspectives.

Fun fact 3. Muslims believe in all the judeo-christian prophets. Muslim children grew up just the same hearing the stories of Noah and his ark, Moses splitting the red sea, and Mother Mary, and Jesus' miracles and call for kindness.

"The closest to God are those who seek knowledge and teachers are practically prophets in the eyes of the lord"

Islamic quote

Fun fact 4.

A muslim praying in a christian church or a jewish temple is the equivalent of a muslim praying in a mosque. Islam refers to jews and christians as "people of the book" aka our homies

The real question:

If you identify with a certain faith or belief. Does the text book description of that faith apply to you? It's like someone today holding christians responsible for the crusades.

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