Why being prickly & uncomfortable can be positive

6 #MatExpAdvent -ures

Sometimes to make something good happen you have to take a risk , put yourself out there & see what happens.

It can make you feel quite vulnerable

But it could be just what was needed to make sparks fly 💥

So remember yesterday's question: What current midwifery practice will seem wrong or odd to future generations ?

It's my favourite WhoseShoes card

At the Kingston workshop the answer was Lithotomy ......

For this reason I decided to do a #lithotomy challenge for #NHSChangeday

Well, it would at least make people talk & think if nothing else 😳‼️

No one was more surprised than me by the first person to take up my challenge! Thanks to @jimgthornton for kicking off ahead of NHSChangeday 👏🏼

My own experience became a little more public with @HelenBevan & a 📽film crew pitching up!

But I learnt a lot from it & was inspired to write a blog about my experience for Mother's Day which you can read here.....

"Use this to click to blog

So did it achieve anything ? Well I know people in at least 10 other NHS organisations took part that week & others have followed since.

This is just one of the 'difficult' conversations we have tried to have this year in #MatExp. If we go for those disagreements & have honest frank but respectful discussions then this is where we believe we will push thinking & get change that will be of most benefit. There is little value in always agreeing and patting one another on the back.

It sparked to other countries not just UK ..., & I am still being asked about it 9 months later..... If it changes attitudes & ignites a conversation promoting women centred thinking in each place where someone took part then the impact will have been worth it.

In 2017 the challenge is still going strong

Sarah fabobs followed suit & wrote about it here

In Derby fab Katherine started a new #theatrechallenge

You can watch a film here

They came up with a simple idea writing our names on theatre hats making theatre a less scary environment

So could you undertake the #lithotomy challenge or ....

What would be an equivalent idea outside your own comfort zone ?

#MatExpAdvent -ures

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