Make a paper chain!

4 #MatExpAdvent -ures

Look at those fabulous different colours all linked together! One of the exciting things about #MatExp for me has always been the wealth of diversity of people getting involved. A very important aspect of this is the connection & collaboration of key roles There are numerous examples of how this has been happening.....

A face book group set up in May by Helen, Emma, Suzanne & Leigh with over 1200 members...... Mothers, Fathers, Anaesthetists Obstetricians, Midwives Health visitors, NNU nurses Doulas........ To name just a few people


A recent tweet up 'There was a community midwife, two health visitors, an antenatal teacher, a doula and three mothers all of whom are involved in various maternity projects. We had connected on Facebook and Twitter and decided to set up a meeting, particularly because a few health visitors are in town for the CPHVA conference.' @heartmummy

A chance meet up at #blogfest15

A doula & midwife get together (35 attendees👏🏼) organised by Kingston MSLC chair @wildrubiescoach to explore collaborative working

Tweetchats started by @23weeksocks #MatExpHour of a Friday 1200 or 2000hr alternating & joint tweet chats with other groups such as @WeMidwives

An amazing JFDI website started by @LeighKendall in #FlamingJune

Not forgetting #MatExp @WhoseShoes workshops of course! Relax, play a game & see what happens....

Workshop in Greenwich last week! Part of Lewisham & Greenwich Trust - Lewisham held theirs Nov 2014 🌟

Guernsey workshop June 2015

Guys& St Thomas' workshop July 2015

Only a handful of examples there are more coming up in January 2016 & beyond!

Well this was certainly true ! In 2016 we've gone from strength to strength with more workshops all over the place Manchester, Leeds , Colchester UCLH & Homerton to name a few!

People were also trying innovative approaches & setting up repeat events

Helen pulled together the amazing #Growfamilies conference focusing on postnatal & early years support

Louise set up GP infant feeding network & we had GPs jump in and start following #MatExp

We had a successful challenge fund bid & started a whole new project pulling in people from neonatal, paediatrics , adult intensive care, anaesthetists, bereavement services & more

Masses of new material and successful test workshops at Kingston & St Georges

We had our own bespoke page for the randomised coffee trial for fab change day thanks to Dom, Emma & Leigh so connecting people who wouldn't normally talk.

& that's not even mentioning MSLC maternity voices which have a whole story of their own

2017 has been no different workshops have been held far & wide!

We were delighted to help at the launch of #MatNeoQI

Then of course there was EXPO ultimate collaboration with the maternity transformation team

So it's been a busy year but there are always room for more connections. Have a think - how can you make some links , how could you work more collaboratively? You could chose a role or topic you don't know much about and offer to exchange your knowledge and experiences in return. Could you start your collaboration around a specific interaction you find problematic?

Build those chains & connections ! #MatExpAdvent -ures

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