I'd like to tell you about Whose Shoes? (Clears throat... ) Whose Shoes? is a tool to trigger conversations about things that really matter and how services can be improved, working together as equals to co-produce solutions and empower people to co-design transformational change in health and social care… We have really lively workshops with serious discussions but a lot of fun and it has all evolved into a campaign called #MatExp and it is bringing about lots of fantastic positive actions... πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ 😴 Are you still awake? πŸ‘€

So let's try telling (some of!) the story in pictures... πŸ˜€ #MatExpAdvent

A Whose Shoes? workshop last week in London

And for cricket lovers, one up north at Durham County Cricket club!

Discussing things that… make people think!

And emboldening each other to stand up for what we believe in!

Anna records all the issues and great ideas people are coming up with!

'Can do' Kath Evans, Patient Experience Lead at NHS England, has supported us all the way. And notice Bal (on the right) thinking hard and planning her pledge ...

Bal worked tirelessly to follow up her pledge to introduce a maternity graffiti board at Kingston Hospital. I bet you all want to write on it!πŸ“

We made a film about empathy. The lady in the birthing pool is deaf but you can't mistake the encouragement!

Click here to see the film made by the project partners

Constant juggling and plotting the next steps

So you remember this little guy?

He is here to help us launch our brand new #MatExp animation thanks to Gareth Presch! ... Taraaah...🎺

Click here - thank you Gareth!

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