Fiordland, New Zealand

Today we visited Milford Sound, New Zealand.

With a sunrise this spectacular, you know it's going to be a great day !! -View from Lake Manapouri Motor Inn, NZ

We left the beautiful mirrored lake of Manapouri early in the morning and set off on the Te Anau to Milford highway

The scenery was beyond spectacular, with a fog shrouding the landscape, giving an air of ethereal mystery

Awaiting our turn to go through the long dark tunnel

We spotted a very friendly Kea along the way. These cheeky alpine parrots are relatively unafraid of humans so you can usually get up nice and close

We arrived at our destination after about 2 hours of driving on the most scenic and spectacular road (the drive alone is worth the trip in itself!)

Our trusty boat awaits our arrival. We sailed with 'Cruise Milford' ( one of the smaller boats, which makes it easier to move around and take pictures, plus they can get up close to the wildlife and scenery! )

We got up nice and close to a group of New Zealand Fur Seals basking in a rock

Our time in Milford Sound certainly did not disappoint!

Our last views before taking the beautiful road back home X

Milford Sound, you were spectacular! We shall certainly visit you again!

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