What do snowflakes & birth have in common?

2 #MatExpAdvent -ures

Stories are a powerful part of the way #MatExp works. Our very first Whoseshoes workshop started with the story of two births with the same clinical outcome but extremely different experiences They were my own birth experiences & I shared them widely again for NHSChangeday Some involved in #MatExp have told me that it was these stories that drew them to get involved

Since then we have been inundated with stories some at local workshops driving understanding & change , but also online an absolute blitz of blogging of experiences good & bad, things to improve , things to cherish , a multitude of views & insights from which to learn. It would be impossible to name all of the wealth of stories but if you search #MatExp , @MaternityMattrs or look on our website MatExp.org.uk you will quickly find a selection

...and my point is ?

When you read the stories you will realise some are fresh , but some are many years ago , yet remembered just as vividly.

Stories have remained an important feature in 2016 not least at the amazing womensvoices16 organised by fantastic Michelle

A powerful day of stories

We found our voices

We've also had discussion about the benefits of all stories both positive for their encouragement and negative for the learning they bring

Stories continue to play an important part in 2017

There is a very important story behind this music making duo read it here

Safe & personalised care is the mainstay of the maternity transformation programme

So think snowflake!

A woman's pregnancy & birth experience stays with her forever, for her it is a defining moment in her life. Every story is unique & individual, every experience can never be repeated there is only one opportunity to get it right, so next time you care for a pregnant woman think about the wonder of snowflakes and make sure hers is perfect.

Birth is a special event EVERY TIME ❄️☃🌨❄️ #MatExpAdvent -ures You can also follow #AdventBirthStories

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