The Albatross

Birden the albatross Carries the weight of the downtrodden woes But still on his heavily laden wings we toss What weighs in the conscience of friends and foes

Who gave him this task? Was it me, was it you? It’s really too much to ask And yet ask we still do   And like Santa’s sack But not in a sleigh And not one single toy But on Birden’s back Filled with the antonym of joy

He lumbers on with tired wings Across the sea of despair In search of a place To place these things A place to unload these cares

...what weighs in the conscience of friends and foes"


One morning, he met a dove And asked if it’d help carry Some of this weight …help him rise above But though it cooed, its plans it would not vary And it flew off, thus did the hope its wings did carry

That afternoon...

upon inquiring for assistance from a swallow Not the everyday sort But a slightly larger non-migratory fellow A coconut-bearing African Swallow Of course “You’re cryin’ over spilled coconut milk, you know!” He replied and did so with absolutely no remorse

“You’re cryin’ over spilled coconut milk, you know!”

A coconut-bearing African Swallow

Near dark, he solicited aid from a bird Carrying a small package as it happened by Still over the sea of despair flew this third With its infant package in mouth, it replied “I unly curry bibbies… ‘em a schtork!

The next day, at morning’s early glow When he had thought all hope for help was gone Birden came across a carrion crow Who, when asked, retorted “Son, I can’t manage more than a carry-on And speaking of carry on, that is also what I must do!” So, without further adieu, he did and was gone

Carry on Crow!

Then, all of a sudden, like music to his ears A bird approached, singing a welcome greeting But, as if it knew Birden’s worst fears When asked if it had room It whistled in response, “Not in a million years! “A songbird can only carry a tune!”

Birden survived the sea; he’d finally reached land He spied a donkey in a field just off a mountain pass He asked the fellow beast of burden if he’d give a hand But, living up to its name, it responded like an ass “Would if I could, but I’ve only hoof, not hand!”

“In a similar encounter with a mockingbird He got nowhere, because no matter what he would say The bird mirrored Birden’s sentiments word for word That is, till Birden said, “Yes, I will help.” He simply replied, “No way!” Then flipped him the bird But before he flew away In a gesture both bizarre and absurd He turned and offered, “Have a nice day!

At last … at last, a carrier pigeon, surely it’d help carry Even if just a smidgeon Help carry this burden too heavy for Birden to carry The pigeon said nothing in response, but passed what he had to deliver It was a message from a man that had a monkey on his back And like how forgotten toys end up back in Santa’s sack Thus this man’s problem had landed on Birden’s back But, responsibility accepted, the man wanted it back

The man had finally realized a problem is something to face Not to ignore, unload, or turn about face If others followed suit, others in the human race Then burdens’ weight would be a lot easier to carry Spread out over a much wider space And Birden’s wait would be only temporary Before he could freely move on at his own Birden pace

Not an albatross

But hey, cool picture!

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