Sunday in the Park

with Pretzel

Mom decided that today was a good day for a walk through Central Park.

It was pretty bright outside... she let me borrow her sunglasses.

I found a lot of big rocks to sit on while having deep thoughts.

So deep.

This fountain had a very tempting green lawn in front of it, but it said KEEP OFF.

I kept off, because I am a good boy.

But I did look at it longingly.

I saw a lot of beautiful fountains.

...they get a little boring after a while.

Thought about going for a swim.

Quality time with mom was a better idea though.

Found this awesome cannon and posed regally in front of it (like a boss).

It really was a pretty cool cannon though. Mom said I couldn't have it.

Pondered the remains of the day on another big rock.

Wondered if mom would ever let me have that NYC hot dog of my dreams.

Took in some modern architecture on the way home. Wish I could go inside.

Now I'm home and ready for a nice long nap before dinner.

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