Artist Lou Carvell

Lou Carvell has been fascinated by the automobile since childhood, when he would sneak down to the dealer's showroom under cover of darkness with his buddies to peek at the newest models.

Today Lou continues this love affair by creating digital art that transforms images of vintage auto parts. He lets his imagination run wild.

Lou Carvell talks about the 1950's automobiles and the reason he uses these images in his artwork.

He found that these classic shapes and designs resembled planes, ships, trains, and even alien spaceships.

Roaming far away junkyards, he retrieves tail lights, dashboards, grills and other long-forgotten parts to photograph and place in landscapes.

Lou says "I was on a mission to save these wonderful parts from the jaws of the wrecker that would smash them to smithereens."

His collection of work, called "Reincarnation" is a conceptual tribute to his passion for automobiles and love of art.

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Story by Artsy Shark