Christmas Tree

This Dark Chocolate Christmas Tree will be a perfect edible centerpiece for your holiday celebration.

you will need

your cookie cutters

Chocolate Christmas Tree

Ingredients : 300 g dark chocolate 200 g dried and candied fruit : orange zest, cherries, ginger, pistachios, roasted almonds meat thermometer, cookie cutters/mold for cookies.

Roughly chop chocolate, place in top half of double saucepan, place over gently simmering water. Melt chocolate bringing the temperature to 50 ° C . Stir and let down the temperature at 29 ° C . Return the saucepan in the water and bring the temperature to 32 ° C .

Put the molds for cookies on a metal baking sheet and pour the chocolate in the molds. Do not pour too much chocolate, disks must not be too thick. Let cool for a few minutes then sprinkle each disks with dried and candied fruit.

Let cool and harden the chocolate at room temperature, remove from the molds. Pile discs one above the other and sprinkle the tree with icing sugar.

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