Fab stuff

In our wonderful NHS!

I went to an exciting do today It was really quite surreal I've put together a story To try to give you the feel πŸ‘€ #FabAwardsNHS

It was a wacky awards ceremony For NHS Fab Stuff Because working in the NHS Is sometimes really tough

So proud of #KHFTWhoseShoes! Working together for positive change at Kingston Hospital

We needed directions So had to be bold We asked a very nice girl With a very bad cold

And on my way, I met this amazingly talented guy He made my day. And this will tell you why... πŸ’œ

You see what I mean... πŸ’œ

We started with a fab trapeze Doing fabby tricks ... with ease!

And a lady left us reeling Watching her spinning from the ceiling In NHS bandages...πŸ‘€

We felt welcome. This was going to be fun πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

The dress code was 'fun and fabulous'

So I wore my purple shoes I'm becoming a purple lady. What is there to lose?

And wearing somewhat muted tones 🎩 As if by magic! Samantha Jones 🎩 πŸ‡πŸ‡

Some people dressed up more than others. The advice of their wives? Or perhaps their mothers?

But Simon Stevens Got evens. I didn't get the chance to ask... Anything! 😷

Good grief. You could FEEL the relief. 😱 #palpable

And the venue was... unusual. We were wined. And dined. And dressed to the nines

And because NHS food rocks We were served a gourmet lunch. In a box. πŸ“¦

The good and the great were there Letting down their hair

It is always good to get together So many people who care

And Elizabeth won some TNT (she's the one who invited me)

TNT. Between you and me… A lovely gift But could cause a rift If found Travelling... on the London Underground πŸ‘€

And #MatExp got ... a massive shoutout Through the Blood to Baby pair People who really care

Hannah and Amanda had their phones The picture was taken by Samantha Jones

Everyone as equals Everyone having fun Cos that's the way change happens And the fabby stuff gets done

So it's good to celebrate Those who go the extra mile

And look after patients With compassion and a smile.

Share good practice Don't be shy πŸ’‘ Here are some ideas πŸ’‘ That you could try...

Keep sending stuff in everyone Sharing good stuff is really good fun And next year, it just might be It'll be YOU going home with the TNT πŸ‘€πŸ’₯ ‼️

So thank you #FabNHSStuff For collecting and celebrating all this #FabNhsStuff!! Xxx

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