my Family

I love this Steller family project. Raising 4 kids can be a challenge, but it's worth every teaching moment. #stellerfamily

This is me, and my wife Michelle.

Michelle, loves all animals as pets, including sheep and chickens. Michelle: "Why won't they let me hold them?" Me: "Michelle, they're chickens, not pets." When we married in Iceland, Michelle was always on the lookout for Sheep, she was confident she could tame them. I Love her

Michelle, Mt. Lassen

My son Josh, St Mary's Glacier

I taught my kids "mental toughness" growing up. Josh was an Ironman finisher at age 18, youngest finisher of 2012 St George Ironman 140.6 Josh has taught ME "mental toughness and determination"

Josh: 30% Viking, 50% Adventurer, 20% hippie

My daughter Willow, "Sugar & Spice & everything nice"

Willow, as a little girl, demanded attention when she spoke. She'd take hold of my chin and move my head towards herself as she spoke. She evolved to "I'll finish my story when you're ready." Willow is one of the best listeners, She's taught ME how to listen.

Weston, this kid is a walking NBA encyclopedia. Taking a taxi in Oaklahoma City, the driver (also a sports bookie) talked to my son the whole ride. When I paid our fare, the driver said "it's nice talking to someone who knows his stuff." He reads, I need to read more.

Gracie Mae, my tomboy

Grace, my tomboy, refused to wear pink at an early age, slowly warmed up to purples. Played just as much organized baseball and basketball as any boy, she loves our dogs, giving our Goldendoodle, Charlie extra attention, who’s experiencing early signs of Kidney failure. 😢 Her kindness and attention to animals warms my heart.

Our family. Love when you teach a generation and you end up learning just as much. I love them @otfonua took our family photos: page 1, 3, 18

  • travelourplanet

    ciao @iloveutah you have a great family, and

  • travelourplanet

    ... and with 4 kids you and your wife have to be two great parents, I try my best with one only...

  • tbyrnes

    Speechless. This is so amazing, what a wonderful family you have. And I can see little pieces of you in all of them. So cool!

  • karen

    Beautiful family Kenyon!! Love the photo on page 5. Lucky to have you! ❤️

  • iloveutah

    @travelourplanet thank you very much Fabio. Yes 4 can keep you on your toes, but even one can! Thanks again.

  • iloveutah

    @tbyrnes thank you Tricia, love your comments. Very humbling to raise kids who keep you on your game. Can't wait to see you guys.

  • iloveutah

    @karen karen! Thank you. You know, that photo was taken with the Fuji GF670 medium format camera. Beautiful Kodak Portra 400 film. This was straight out of the scan, no edits. Glad you noticed this photo! I love this photo.

  • copperline

    What a beautiful story. What a wonderful family. To have raised 4 kids who are all such individuals with defined identities yet you can see elements of yourself in them... I can't imagine what that must feel like. Great story.

  • iloveutah

    @copperline Fiona, thank you very much. It's interesting how they were raised, the same parental approach yet so different. Shows you how kids at a very young age are individuals. I also am humbled when my own kids make me a better person from their examples. Thank you again Fiona. 🙏🏻

  • sunnyinpdx

    Cool family and lovely story. They look like such a great bunch.

  • copperline

    Indeed. I guess it's also interesting when you consider it from the other side - how much of my parents have I become? How much of you is actually 'you'? And then, reading your story, it reminds you - me! - that we are our own identities. Influenced and shaped by our parents, yes, but our own identities, probably from very young. This 'family' theme is a thoughtful one... :)

  • Backcountry

    Very sweet! ❤️

  • iloveutah

    @sunnyinpdx Jill, thank you! They're a good bunch. My favorite times are when they enjoy each other's company and laugh together. Love it. Thanks again Jill.

  • iloveutah

    @copperline very well said. I've also found my kids want to express their Identities. Their uniqueness. Love them so much in their ways. So thoughtfully said. Thanks again Fiona.

  • iloveutah

    @Backcountry thank you :) never a dull moment with this bunch.

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    Awesome 👊🏼

  • iloveutah

    @irockutah thanks buddy. 👊🏻

  • iloveutah

    Thank you @Steller for featuring. 🙏🏻

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    Beautiful, real, touching, well done!

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    Very beautiful story! ❤️👏🏼👏🏼

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    Love this one!! Great job sharing all their uniqueness

  • LadySorely

    Wish my parents could be like you @iloveutah You have a great family ;)

  • iloveutah

    @athenaphoto thank you so much. Love the uniqueness of kids even though they're raised really the same.

  • iloveutah

    @LadySorely you are sweet aurelie! Thank you.

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    @giuliadini thank you giulia!

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    @deepsilver thank you pat. I really appreciate the comments.

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  • simone_wit

    Oh how beautiful this family book is!!!! Struck by the love I feel you have for your wife and kids and what they have taught you! And the pictures are awesome. Have a great day!

  • Daniel_Clifton

    What an incredible story of your love for your family and what makes each of them wonderful and unique. Thanks for taking the courage to share. You taught me in those pages to remember to slow down and see my wife and boys and appreciate them both as family but also as incredible individuals.

  • berylann

    Such a heartfelt tribute to your beautiful family. You are all so blessed to have each other. Gorgeous images.

  • Dwiyana

    Love your family stories @iloveutah, so sweet. Send my regards to them from me 😊