Wanaka, NZ

Roy's Peak had always been on our minds since arriving in Wanaka

And we were so glad we finally hiked it as the views were well worth the effort!

We decided instead of heading up in the morning, we would hike in the afternoon so we could be up there for sunset. This turned out to be a great idea as we had the scenery all to ourselves!

We rewarded our hiking efforts with a lovely picnic dinner in the sky

Surrounded by magnificent mountains, listening only to the sounds of the wind.

We drank in the scenery for about an hour or so, whilst the sun set and cast golden and rose hues across the peaks.

The mountains were lit by an almost heavenly presence, and we were humbled by the epic sight.

Then, as it started to cool rapidly, we took our last look, and began the hike back down.

We have never slept so well and will never forget this beautiful experience!

Story and pictures by @oftwolands - - @LakeWanakaNZ #lovewanaka - #stellerwander #stellerstories #stelleradventure #travel #newzealand #places #hiking #adventure #action #outdoors #mountains #wanaka

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