i miss you

Hotel Búðir is located in the Snaefellsnes peninsula. ...I miss this hotel

Our hotel room view. Búðir Chapel is where we married. ...I miss this view

We were awoken by Aurora, dancing in the skies. I told Michelle, we need to go out there. "Kenyon, it's 11:30 pm, we're getting married in the morning." I know, but we have to go out. Aurora was dancing, flirting with us, drawing us in. Then clouds rolled in and the whole sky was green.

...i miss Aurora

I loved seeing icebergs in Jökulsárlón. The deep bumping sound they make. ...I miss the deep blue ice.

Fjöruhúsid Hellnum served some of the best comfort food in Iceland. ...I miss this café

I love the tumbling sound rocks make in the surf. ...I miss Arnastapi

My wife is convinced Sheep are pets. Michelle trying to coax this sheep in eating out of her hand.

Still convinced sheep are pets.

...and still convinced. ...I miss her sheep whispering

I miss Iceland, but our memories are beautiful.

Iceland, I miss you

Pages 18 & 19 photos were taken by my Icelandic friend Lárus Sigurðarson Explore Dream Discover

  • tbyrnes

    This is beautiful and amazing. Michelle is a sheep whisperer for sure! 🐏

  • B__xy

    Well - seems we all share a love for this amazing island. Visited just some weeks ago. Great story, amazing shots! 👌🏼♥️👌🏼

  • iloveutah

    @tbyrnes thank you Tricia! Iceland is simple and magical. Michelle definitely has it down in getting their attention. She's come so close to petting them. I don't know how many times we stopped at her request "let's try these sheep" love her

  • karen

    This is so amazing - I love it. You should definitely go back. If for no other reason than to see the sheep! That is the too funny 😂

  • iloveutah

    @bernard thank you very much! It's a pretty amazing place. I'm so jealous you just got back. Sigh. Love it there. We're already planning our next trip. I'm

  • iloveutah

    @karen ha! Thanks Karen, yes. We met a lot of sheep in our adventures. And when we go back,I'm sure we'll have treats for sheep.

  • Chandra

    So I'm correct to assume you're not Mormon since you got married in Iceland & not your local temple 😉

  • iloveutah

    @Chandra I am actually Mormon, but don't practice the religion.

  • Chandra

    @iloveutah Gotcha. Growing up Catholic in SE Idaho, I was always a "minority" 😉

  • gipsysoullove


  • athenaphoto

    It makes me want to go!!!! Awesome story

  • iloveutah

    @athenaphoto thank you Athena, you must go!

  • siouxree

    love this!

  • iloveutah

    @siouxree thank you! I love Iceland very much

  • siouxree

    i know what u mean @iloveutah i am having withdrawals myself 😩

  • cutekdub

    I would love to go here!