Ellis Island

South Side

The 29-building hospital complex on the south side of Ellis Island was abandoned in 1954. Save Ellis Island and The National Parks Service are working to restore these buildings so that we may know the complete story of Ellis Island and all who passed through there.

a story by @thatlalagirl #ellisisland #newyork #history #saveellisisland #abandoned #abandonedplaces See more at ThatLalaGirl.com Instagram and Flickr To view more photos of the South Side before and after restorations, visit my Flickr Album. Learn more about Save Ellis Island and the restoration effort.

  • carrieservos

    So cool!!! Beautiful shots. What a great project to preserve and learn more about the abandoned buildings.

  • thatlalagirl

    @carrieservos Thank you! It's an incredible place to visit! I was lucky to have a chance to see it before a lot of the restoration was completed, and again afterwards. SEI has done a lot of wonderful work to support the rehab and hopefully will continue to get funding to keep opening more doors on the island. :)

  • aconica

    Can anyone visit ?

  • thatlalagirl

    @aconica They currently offer hard hat tours via the SaveEllisIsland.org website, so you can visit some of the areas in these shots. I'm may be doing some photo tours myself in January/February - not sure yet how much more ground they may or may not cover. If you're interested, I'll let you know when I have more info! 😊

  • onekevmoore

    This is an important and beautiful work. A spot definitely on my to-do list.

  • thatlalagirl

    @onekevmoore Thank you! And I agree - it's a very important location and deserves attention! I hope you have a chance to visit! I'll likely be leading monthly photo tours with the organization mentioned in the comment above. Maybe see you there!

  • wulan_dewi_sunu

    @thatlalagirl I like antiques, those furnitures look beautiful for my eyes. But the building looks spooky 😳. Any ghost there? 😁

  • thatlalagirl

    @wulan_dewi_sunu The furniture and buildings are all gorgeous - no ghosts that I've seen!