The daily life of the unicorn girl

In details

This collection will be like day by day books . I will post staff i do in my day , just like a journal . Just for fun you know ☺️

It will be full of my daily boring routine and also my idea and how i feel and things like that, things will be fun to go over it again and read it over and over again✨

So the things that you should know about me ☺️

I am a 21 years old girl from Qatar , a small beautiful peaceful country located in the middle east . Yeah its in the middle of the dessert but its also in the middle of the sea (google it and you will understand what i mean)

I study in Qatar university 👍🏻, i am a mass communication student 📰📇

I love coffee ❤️

Art is my passion

Breakfast is my favorite meal

I love to read

Arabic is my first language , but i will try here to use more english for you to understand

This is my small baby ❤️her name is daisy

I love to travel ❤️

I snap most of the photo by my iPhone cam and some of them by my fujifilm digital cam and you can scene the different I guess

Hope you will have fun with me