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The project...

( scroll down to read ) A few weeks ago I was invited to collaborate with a fantastic independent lighting shop in Brighton called Cable and Cotton who sell the most colourful and creative strings of handmade cotton lights...you choose the string length and then you can choose as many or as few colours as you want...I was asked to create an alternative Christmas window for their shop in the Lanes in Brighton, and as the shop is basically packed with amazing colours,  you can probably imagine I was in colour heaven...

And...The Shed installation

( scroll down to read ) As part of my shed installation for the Christmas Open House this year, I’m also using some of the Cable and Cotton strings of lights which really lend themselves to creating a festive and magical atmosphere without resorting to the often over done Christmas glitter and snow... My inspiration this year is a combination of Narnia ( and Edmund’s love of Turkish Delight ), mixed with the white of winter... I’m a massive colour lover, so working with white is quite different and I’ve realised how important it’s role is in my life...it completely calms me down!

More at Cable and Cotton & 5ftinf.com


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