Warning ☠

Riding Freight trains is very dangerous and illegal. Accidents do occur and may result in severe injury or even death. Do not attempt to ride trains.

My buddy John introduced me to Freighthopping, a lifestyle that's been around for 100 years. We set off for a weekend of riding freight trains from Utah to Wyoming and back, Tramp style.

We arrived at the Ogden Utah Train yard at 12:00 am, looking for a train heading to Wyoming. Nighttime is best, avoiding Railway Police or "Bulls". You do not want to get caught.

We found our train and jumped on a "rideable" car and waited to leave the yard. It's all about the wait. Trains can take hours to depart. This was intense.

Finally departing out of the Ogden Rail Yard

Looking at a long cold night ahead of us, we pulled out sleeping bags, and tried to sleep.

Our train car was a "Grainer", ideally a box car is best, keeping you protected from the elements and concealed from everyone else.

hello W Y O M I N G

On the deck of a "Grainer" all night. It was one of the coldest nights I can remember. Cold hard steel floor. This was our home for two days. See the red pack? That was my space.

I slept right on top of this metal arm, which controls the braking system for this car. It moved back and forward all night.

Ernest Hemingway jumped freight trains in the early 1900's

Keep your arms and legs and head in at all times. Double Stacks or "Hot shots" pass by without warning.

Castle Rock Green River Wyoming, Changing lines

Climbing over trains in a heavily patrolled Rail yard to find a Utah bound train This was an adrenaline rush I'll never forget. (See Castle Rock afar?)

Train tunnels are a tight fit, pitch dark, and no ventilation. We were in this approaching tunnel for 5 minutes. lungs

Trainhopping, a way of life for some, and ultimate adventure for others. My experience was a rush, full of adrenaline filled moments. My wife was not happy with this, I told her this was my first and last time.

...but, I want to jump a train to Colorado now.

☞ Disclaimer ☜ My buddy John has been jumping trains all over the US for 25 years. He can tell you where a train goes just by the tracks. He can tell you train schedules and knows where trains are going. Again, this is a dangerous activity and should not be attempted. Not to mention its illegal. Stay safe. ✌🏼️

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