“I think the oddest thing about people is that, while they are always talking about things as problems, they have hardly any notion of what a real problem is.” G.K. Chesterton

Ana Reyes Abarca Child Number: ME-137-0145 Age 7, lives in Mexico Ana, lives with her mother and father and 2 sibling. Her father sometimes finds work but are in extreme poverty. Ana love to sing, play house and with dolls. She is a big help for her mother around the house. With Compassion she can get her needs met. Compassion International {800} 336-7676

Daniel Chui Guachalla Child Number: BO-448-0252 Age 3, lives in Bolivia Daniel, lives with his mother and father and 2 sibling. His father work temporary low-paying jobs but are in deep poverty. Daniel love sports, loves listening to bible story's. He is helps with various household chores. With Compassion he can have the help and hope he needs. Compassion International {800} 336-7676

Trevor Assentina Akpao Child Number: TG- 127-0118 Age 6, lives in Togo "Trevor" is French for "treasure" this little boy is Gods precious treasures. He's mother and father work whenever they find work. They live in one of the worlds poorest country's. Trevor loves soccer and art is his passions. With Compassion you can transform his life. Compassion International {800} 336-7676

Kanyarat Panaleese-noob Child Number: TH-811-0631 Age 3, lives in Thailand Kanyarat, lives in a poor, marginalized community in northern Thailand. Her father rarely earns enough for the family to get by. She enjoys attending preschool, and being at home and care for the family animals. Kanyarats love to sing, draw and play with dolls. With Compassion you can support and help Kanyarat and kids like her. Compassion International {800} 336-7676

Raïnatou Barry Child Number: BF-214-0047 Age 3, lives in Burkina Faso Raïnatou lives with her mother and father and 1 sibling. She lives in a poor community in West Africa where her father finds work and her mother sells small item in the local market. Like most little girls she loves playing with dolls and participate in group games. With Compassion you can help young lives in there needs. Compassion International {800} 336-7676

Rusith Pabasara Child Number: LK-411-0135 Age 5, lives in Sri Lanka In addition to attending kindergarten Rusith helps at home with his mother in the kitchen and cleaning. Rusith and his 2 siblings go without many basic need because his parents can find work. Rusith love to sing and listen to music. He attends church where he learns God great love for him. Your gift will help then in powerful ways. Compassion International {800} 336-7676

I can't do this alone, please help. 🌎 COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL is a monthly donation of 40$ for one of theses beautiful children witch then provides Health Care, Nutrition, Education and Bible Teaching. If you can help call {800}336-7676 give them the Child Number that you're wiling to help with.

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  • imanea

    I'm sorry. I don't really know who you are but I support a child through compassion international. And one of the last pieces of mail I got recently from Compassion was a picture of the little boy at the top of this picture that you have. His name is Daniel Chui Guachalla. His picture broke my heart. So, I decided to just look up his name on the internet and your profile thing here popped up. That's all. I've never been on this site before. You have some great quotes and wonderful pictures to match.

  • SYates

    @imanea wow that's awesome! Daniel was my favorites too and I wanted to give so bad to each of these kids but kind of stretched having two with compassion and one with food for hunger. I got these 6 in the mail the other day and couldn't imagine just throwing them out, I pray they all get help as well as the countless others out here. Thanks for the kind words and your help!

  • imanea

    Amen! I'm with you there. My prayer too. I think about their families just trying to make ends meet, hoping to provide a better life for their children than what they may have had growing up. I have to remember that true persevering prayer has great power for great things.


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