Meet Miss Mona. Lying in the grass, with her eyes shut, humming 'green green grass of home'...

Meet Miss Esmeralda. She sold apples right out her basket at the market in Paris. But actually she was more paying attention to the handsome lad selling flowers to the elegant Parisiennes...

Meet Miss Ingrid. Oooooh la la ... What a night it was. Who could have guessed that the timid actor, playing the supportive role, would be so pro-active once in love!?

Meet Miss Coco. "Taxi taxi taxiiiii!! Oh for heaven's sake! Why do I have to wait so long? My feet are hurting from these high heels... OMG, think I'm going to faint. Here and now. Sigh..."

Meet Miss Maud. She read the poem of the charming poetryman, who was kneeling under her balcony, with a huge red peony in his hand. Was she gonna come down and kiss him?

Meet Miss Francoise. She was really fighting her not so feminist feeling of being dumped by Pierre. They would meet for a romantic walk along the Seine but he didn't show up at the bridge, le connard!

Meet Miss Loulou. "Close your eyes and count to ten", Superman said with a smile on his face at the fancy dress ball. At the count of ten she opened her eyes to find out that Superman flew away and left a rose on the floor.

Meet Miss Butterfly. The butterflies danced around her head, the grass tickled her feet and the lovely scent of flowers filled her nose. She took a deep breath to inhale the warm air. And then her alarm went off!

Meet Miss Jules. Jules walked in the door and instantly everyone was enlightened by her presence. They stared at her like she was Rihanna!

Meet Miss Sue. The softness from her grace shined through her eyes when she made an elegant bow to the clerk in front of her: "Thank you so much for getting me size 4.5 of these Manolo Blahnik's!

Meet Miss Ruth. "Oh no... What are you doing Simone? Don't show me in your Stellerstory! I didn't even get a chance to camouflage my bags and put on a filter...!"

Meet Miss Scarlett. There she was. Standing barefooted on the top of the dune. She escaped from the crowd from her own goodbye party at the beachhouse, Tomorrow her new life would start 'down under'.

Meet Miss Sophia. Sitting on Luigi's Vespa. Oh how cool this Italian stud was, who criscrossed easily through this crazy traffic near the Colosseum.

Meet Miss Olga. She used to be the covergirl of the Russian Vogue. Now she is spending her time and money at exclusive hotels and spa's all over the world."

Meet Miss Akiko. As a child of an American father and a Japanese mother she always felt out of place. Two totally different cultures merged together in one person. But she managed to make it her strength.

Meet Miss Mia. In the center of the circus arena. Praying that Tony, the knifethrower, would hit the apple and not her eye!

Let creativity flow...

Pick #flowers (out of your own garden πŸ˜‰), grab some #leaves and let your #creativity flow while playing with it. Create your own #facethefoliage A hashtag and community the amazing and inspiring @justinablakeney started. Lots of love, Simone Go to @simone_wit on Instagram for full stories and more faces.

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