Every two years in Venice, Italy, every nation around the world selects one artist to curate a show that represents their own nation. The Venice Biennale displays work from top artists around the entire globe together in one single show.

Each country has its own "pavilion" to show their exhibition. And each one is designed by an architect from that country.

Each nation's pavilion is a work of architectural mastery. Plus, they are surrounded by views like these... Not bad.

So you can hop from Venezuela, to Russia, to Great Britain, then Brazil in a matter of one afternoon!

We were greeted at the grounds with the most beautiful light.

So let the games begin...

We saw beautiful things that we couldn't quite explain. (Nordic Pavilion)

Played with hand molded chalk for visitors to write with. (Czech pavilion)

We visited Japan's breathtaking pavilion. The whole room was filled with red yarn tangled with thousands of rusty keys:

(Thousands of grains)

And we saw strange things...

(These are all made of bread)

This artist collected driftwood that looked like animals 🐋 (Australia)

Saw thousands of Cheetos... Which made me hungry because I miss American food. (Spain pavilion)


(From Spain 😏)


This wasn't an art piece, but they ran out of flyers and I decided to pretend it was an art piece :) hehe I got weird looks when taking this.

We took pictures, explored pavilion after pavilion, took an ice cream break, celebrated artists from dozens of nations, and got inspired.

Then said goodbye to the galleries and hello to this stunning Venetian view.

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  • michelle_oben

    I had no idea this existed! So cool. 🙌

  • _Kristen

    @michelle_oben I didn't either! I have no idea why it's not more well known though, it was absolutely incredible! Definitely something to see :)

  • adamkingman

    this is fantastic. I went in 2007 and had no idea what it was. great captures!

  • mary

    Fabulous story! Love all the different exhibits you captured

  • jaywilder

    Looks AMAZING @ScolesMatt pg 19 is what i envisioned with ur idea

  • _Kristen

    @jaywilder it was amazing!! And I also loved that fan one on pg 19, so mesmerizing ☺️

  • _Kristen

    @thirteen, one Australian artist had collected tons of the little Asian cork carvings in glass frames just like the ones you have! It reminded me of you!

  • Brightonessa

    Love this, really nicely presented

  • _Kristen

    @Brightonessa thanks so much!!