Strangers Coffee Cliffs

A lesson in travel

Scene: Breakfast at a coffee shop in Hanalei Bay, Kaua'i Hawaii.

We asked the girl next to us to pass the syrup. She turned, looked at me, and said, "No."

Confused, I just stared at her. She laughed, said it wasn't syrup. It was coconut. She introduced herself. Twenty minutes later, she invited us to follow her to a local spot.

This time, the answer was an emphatic "Yes."

The Cliffs

Less than 10 minutes up the road, they stopped at a bend. We'd driven right by it dozens of times already, never pulling over to venture through the trees.

The cliff was 55 feet high. They said jump. I was terrified.

The moment came at a time when I was feeling bored at work, bored with where I was at in life. I needed a challenge. Life wasn't presenting one.

So I stood at the top of that cliff, and I created one. I have a bit of OCD. There's something about jumping off a cliff, trusting the water at the bottom, that feels so freeing. So I just did it.

Lesson: Talk to strangers in coffee shops. You might just end up on a cliff. Or jumping off it.

Join me as I wander. @daniellelliot #seewhatisee #hawaii #cliffs #noplans

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