Golden Leaves

of Paris

On bright autumnal days in Paris, the golden leaves shine on tree after tree.

The trees wave above you as you step out of the Metro. They stand in rows along the banks of the Seine.

The golden leaves flutter in the breeze as the sunlight creates starburst sparkles on the river below.

They float down, twirling through the air and coming to rest on the steps in a layer of saffron confetti.

At the bookstalls along the river, the leaves crunch underfoot as you browse.

The trunks of their trees are inscribed with the intertwined names of ardent lovers.

Trees glow at the end of every street, shining in the light.

As the children spin on the carousel, they fly through a golden glade.

Across the city, the pale buildings and grey roofs are interspersed with a sprinkling of gold.

To walk through Paris in the Autumn is to tiptoe over a carpet of bright leafy treasure: the golden leaves of Paris.

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