Kayaking Na'Pali

Hiking to a small waterfall in Hawaii, my sister and I met a couple of honeymooners. As we traded turns on a rope swing, they told us about their next adventure: a 12-hour, 17.5 mile open ocean kayak trip around the Na'Pali Coast. Kayaking is the only way to see the entire coast. Naturally, we had to try it.

Two days later, with two guides and two more friends, we set out in double kayaks.

The tides along the Na'Pali Coast are too high to take the trip in the winter. It has to be done in the summer months.

Even then, the waves ride high enough to make for a rocky day. Three hours in, our arms were burning, stomachs growling, smiles enormous.

We passed cliffs and private beaches, waterfalls and coves. Sea turtles swam right up to us, as though we belonged.

Just when I was too hangry to smile anymore...

We stopped for lunch on a beach accessible only by boat, or a treacherous hike.

It was a long day surrounded by scenery so breathtaking, we forgot how much our shoulders burned. If you go to Hawaii, kayak Na'Pali. It's worth every bit of the soreness you'll feel that week.

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