the pool of my desires

pat brown

facing the confusion of life

do I follow this path?

enter the little houses?

a sacred white bird appeared

and led me to the sundial

i found the lotus

and a swirling frond

moonlit stones converged

and there was the pool of my desires

images from mayfield park 2015 november 4 pat brown austin, Texas

(c) 2015 Pat Brown, Austin, Texas. All rights reserved.

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  • iPhoneArtGirl

    Home F@*%#ng Run, Pat!!! Love the way the narrative winds through the dark mood tones and the way the silvery whites offset the deep shadows ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • iPhoneArtGirl

    Not to speak of how much I adore Mayfield Park!!

  • deepsilver

    It's still the same! Hope the pictures brought back some memories! I was afraid this might be a little over-wrought (Victorian maidens swooning, etc.)

  • iPhoneArtGirl

    The pool of your desires must be printed! Have you made a Nowvel of this story? I would love to have one!

  • TheAppWhisperer

    @iPhoneArtGirl this would make a great feature for our mobile photo essay column!

  • deepsilver

    I would love it!!

  • iPhoneArtGirl

    Indeed it would! As soon as I get back home… Let's make a feature @TheAppWhisperer


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