When fall kissed winter.

Sunshine. Stunning views. A beautiful hike Amazing friends. And lots of fresh, autumn air 🍂

But then autumn found winter.

@elisapella, her family, and their fluffy dog Lusty lead me into the Italian Alps for one of the most beautiful days of my whole life. We started the hike surrounded by bright orange and yellow trees, but soon enough we found ourselves ankle deep in snow.


Lusty the dog

The perfect match.

Autumn and winter have colors that are completely opposite from each other. Electric oranges sit against cool blues and create the most lovely couple.

@elisapella, thank you for showing me your favorite place. I think it might be mine too.

A taste of two seasons

Winter and autumn met us in the mountains today! We got to experience both seasons together and make lasting memories of this beautiful afternoon in the mountains. @elisapella @cecimil #TheAlps #RifugioBertone #MonteBianco #MontBlanc

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