"We spent up there in the North thirtytwo days. Alone. No one else. Only us, in the wilderness. Like in the tales of when I was child."


Scenes from "The Great Shark Hunt" movie.

We had started in Ittoqqortomiit, the last human settlement in the East cost of Greenland, a village with only four hundred inhabitants, eight hundred kilometers far from the closet town.

We were beyond the Arctic Circle, where the sea is frozen for nine months a year.

I had met a group of legendary alpinists happy to share with me their stories and their adventures of a long time ago.


Eventually, we became part of that land. Us and our dreams. And we understood that the only think we need is to live, to see, to explore, to be a part of our awesome world.

Directed by Filippo Salvioni Check the Official trailer now! And read Matteo Della Bordella's story on Ragni di Lecco website.

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