Ghost town

In western Utah, near the Nevada border lies the ghost town of Frisco, a booming and lawless mining town in the late 1800's, In the day, Frisco mines were noted as the worlds' largest silver producing mines. Eventually mines ran dry and people abandoned Frisco, or did they? ...

@cory_harmon @irockutah and I set out to shoot in Frisco. at night...

We shoot at night all over Utah, and all the time. We have never experienced any strange happenings. Until we shot in Frisco...

Walking on an old mining road towards an old building we decided to shoot, We heard noises. we thought coyotes, we stopped, listed. what we thought were coyotes. Were voices, whisperings, conversations, which faded. ...This happened several times.

Continuing along the old mining road, we walked through cold spots, immediately we'd get the chills, hairs standing on the back of your neck. ...This also happened several times

After shooting this old building we decided to pack up and leave. Too many unexplainable things were happening around us.

packing up our gear, we headed down the mining road. My 2-way radios turned on in my bag, squelching. My radios have never turned on by themselves.

Swipe back (if you dare) @irockutah, @cory_harmon and I are in the shot. notice the left side of the building? Looks like two shadows, watching us. gets better. Next photo is an iPhone shot. I used my iPhone to take a shot as the moon was so bright. Look for the orb (window) in the next shot...

Let's look at the orb close up...

We didn't notice the orb until the next day when we were reviewing photos and discussing our experience shooting in Frisco.

We have unfinished photography in Frisco, but we've decided to leave the shooting to other photographers. We're not going back.

  • karen

    scary!!! i would be freaked out for sure!

  • iloveutah

    @karen it was freaky. We've shot everywhere and all though the night and I've never been freaked out like this. No way am I ever going back

  • karen

    That picture on page 9 is also crazy because it looks like daytime

  • karen

    Was there a tree casting the shadows?

  • iloveutah

    Yeah, moon was super bright. And there was nothing casting shadows. I set up lights to cast light on the building. There was nothing in between the light and the building. @karen

  • Wolfheart

    I like it

  • skythewolf

    Great story