I missed you.

Turning back the clock a dozen years and bringing back the crayons! 🎨 "Banana mania", "pacific blue", and "electric lime" have once again found their way out of the box. 15 years later.

...In hopes to create something a bit more modern.

I decided to reinterpret this photo I took at the #stellermeetitalia last week :)

Start with a loose sketch. Wonkier the better!! Then bring on the crayons:

After the crayons had some limelight it's time to bring out the watercolors. I painted a red wash on the table, then some blues into the objects.

They wax in the crayons resist the watercolor which creates a really cool effect. I love how bright and electric the crayon looks against the paint.

Then I added flecks of gold paint! I can never resist ✨

That's all! ☺️

Thanks for flipping!🎨