w/ Claudio Majorana

"For me it's about growing the strongest feelings towards something we love. When you find something that can change your life in a better way you have to cultivate it, feed it respect it and protect it".

"Through years skateboarding naturally led me into photography. I started skateing when I was 14 and a few years later I got interested into photography because I wanted to take pictures of my hometown skateboard scene. My first photography project is "The Recent History of Sicilian Skateboard Tours" a book about the story of how skateboarding came about in Sicily and how the island became internationally famous for skateboarding."

Claudio was born in Catania, Sicily (Italy) in 1986. He has always been divided between art and science as one of his parents is a doctor and the other a painter. He is a documentary photographer and medical student and his projects are focused on young people, skateboarders and youth related social issues. He is keen on film cameras and skateboarding. Instagram: @claudiomajorana

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