Stellermeet Italia

This is a story about passion for the beautiful little things and love that lasts forever • This is a story about old and new friendships, about time spent doing what makes you feel good and happy • This is a story about nature, sun, good laughs and (even more) good food • This is my story of the first #stellermeetitalia

Everything started at Valdirose, Irene and Paolo's B&B, a truly magic place in a cute little village just 15 minutes away from Florence * We talked, we laughed, we ate and obviously took (way too many!) pictures

After breakfast Paolo guided us in a walk through the beautiful countryside, in such a lovely warm Autumn day We visited a beautiful villa, a little lake and a monastery

It was such a gorgeous day! I left my heart at Valdirose and I can't wait to go back again • A big thanks to @elisapella who made this possible and to @irene and Paolo, for making our stay so special • And thanks to this bunch of great people, hanged out with you was amazingly fun! @inanutshell @dailybreakfast @cyberandy @_kristen @saradeluigi @ilaria_vill @g_mascheroni

Bye, till we meet again!