Steller Meet Sunday in Florence! I arrived early and now I have time for a quick walk around.

I'll join @elisapella later at @irene's place, Valdirose. I'm starting to feel hungry.

Valdirose in Lastra a Signa. Ready for a Stellermeet Breakfast β˜•οΈ

The table is set, and this scrumptious late breakfast is ready, but we have to wait until everyone has finished shooting. And I am starving.


Time to explore the tuscan hills.

Panda hunting with @_Kristen and @cyberandy

🚜 @elisapella 🚜

Thank you guys! @elisapella @irene @inanutshell @cyberandy @giuliadini @dailybreakfast @_Kristen @saradeluigi @ilaria_vill

Greetings from Florence. Thanks #valdirose


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