Cows in Camelot

A Visit to Montgomery's Cheddar

Jamie Montgomery is often called Britain's best Cheddar maker. His cows graze on Camelot.

Remember the Arthurian legend?

Centuries ago, this meadow was a fortress. Now, some of the best milkers graze here. They recognize Jamie's red jeep and rush over to greet him.

Are you ready to see the cheese?

Today, only 16 drums of Montgomery's Cheddar will be made. This is small batch production, friends.

In the aging room, we ask for a taste.

Cheddar #1 is lovely but a bit waxy. Cheddar #2 is more acidic, a tiny hint of sulphur. Cheddar #3 is "a little dry to send to America." Cheddar #4 is rich and round. Yes!

We know just where to send it!

Now we can sleep soundly, knowing that our favorite Philadelphia cheese shop will receive a 23-kilo souvenir.

First though, we enjoy a cheese course and a game of snooker...

...across the road from the creamery at North Cadbury Court.

Jamie's mum, the late Mrs. Montgomery, still holds court from the mantel.

She was the one who introduced her prize jerseys to Camelot -- and so the legend lives on, under each rind.

Huge thanks to Jamie and Archie Montgomery, and to everyone who made our stay wonderful at North Cadbury Court. Montgomery's Cheddar Di Bruno Bros Cheese Journeys #cheesejourneys2015 #stelleruk

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