Good morning!


I don't think I've ever started my day with a breakfast quite as beautiful as this one. For #StellerMeetItalia a group of photographers and creatives from Milan and I hung out at Valdirose to take photos and share an amazing meal together.

Of course we had to take photos before we dug in!



Oh my goodness, this breakfast was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced ...and tasted! Irene cooked mouthwatering cakes and other pastries that made me feel like I was living in a dream.

All of the olives were picked from trees right outside the house!

Valdirose is a charming bed and breakfast located in Lastra A Signa, a cozy town in Tuscany just a 15 minute train from Florence, Italy. It is seriously the cutest place I have ever seen. I definitely recommend planning a vacation and staying here.

Grazie mille @elisapella, @inanutshell, and @irene for hosting this stellermeet. I will remember it forever!

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Stay tuned for part two!