Everyone needs a sugar fix


On Saturday mornings I head on down to my friends cake shop (www.instagram.com/deliciousbysara) to do a little bit of eating and shooting. I've always loved food photography but never have time to do it or maybe it's because I'm a chef I try to distance myself from food on my days off, either way this is a collection of shots that I took on Saturday at Sara's pop up shop. Try not to drool to much on your screen 😋

Cake Pops

Mini Cakes


Mini Lemon

Macaroons in production

All my favourite things jammed into one mouthful

I love this cake

Crumble, Apple and Custard 😍😍😍

It's all about the sprinkles

Popcorn & Cake

Cake pop anyone?

That's heaven right there

It's always good to get a aerial view before you dive in with a fork

Giant Cupcake 😱

If you are on the Gold Coast and you need a sweet fix, make sure you go and check out Sara's shop on Saturday mornings, I promise you won't regret it. Check out www.facebook.com/deliciousbysara For more details.