|Going round and round (mostly) in circles|

I love whirls, swirls and spirals in and really do think the world needs more of them, in any shape - round, square, oval or rectangular or form - stairs, walls and art. And so, I wanted to share my love with a selection of some of my favourite whirls, swirls and spirals, to date. 🌀

See something simply stunning. The Tulip Staircase, London.

Indulge in some legal looping. The Law Library, ETH Zürich.

Go on a He(a)lical hike. Heal's, London.

Take a whirly wander.

Reichstag, Berlin.

Fall (reluctantly) in to a spherical swirl. Olympic Park, London.

Ponder over this puzzle. Somerset House, London.

Get dizzy climbing up this disc. Hauptbahnhof, Zürich.

Solve this circular conundrum.

Angel, London.

Gravitate to create this Grape. Royal Academy, London.

Unravel the mystery of this maze. Angel, London.

Be there and be square. Peter Jones, London.

Explore an ellipse.

The Palace, Bangalore.

Curl up in this cylinder. Somerset House, London.

Walk a rectangular route. Kalkebreite, Zürich.

Hunt for a zag, the YesZebra way. Premier Inn, London.

Thank you to the lovely people in whose lovely company I discovered and shot these 🌀: @monicatorne @kr1th1ka @juicylucyham @flaneriefeminine @yeszebra. #stelleruk #stellerstories #stellertravel #theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases

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  • karnic

    Lovely collection! Congrats!

  • gioja

    Fantastic !

  • t3j1

    @gioja thank you so very much!! 😃👋🏽

  • 77slade

    Stunning photography and love the idea.

  • t3j1

    @77slade thank you so very much Sara! Really appreciated! 😃👋🏽


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