The story of great love with our fair white warrior 'Finley'

Finley & Vivian were rescued from a breeder at the age of eight (they came as a bonded pair) and found their forever home in March of 2015. These gals had faced such adversity and challenges we were eager to watch them experience life as a new puppy would. Rollicking in grass, taking walks in the neighborhood, watching life's wonders unfold, something as simple as laying in the sunshine. Finley quickly adapted to her her new home--she loved exploring her yard and would roll over a 100 times a day for a belly rub. Life was good.

Finley and her rescue mate Vivian 'Two of the Missouri Magical 11'

Back from my first neighborhood walk. I had no idea there was so much to smell mom.

Did you say treat?

Vivian and Finley started to understand that potting outside meant a treat!!

I think I'm getting the hang of playing with a toy! This toy is so soft and works perfect in my mostly toothless mouth. Thank you aunties Susan & Teri.

Nap and cuddle time.

Rachel and I found out two others from the rescued Missouri 11 lived right here in Lawrence, KS. We set up a meet day in the park. They saw Annie and Phoebe for the 1st time in a long while and met their human mom Linda, and her son, Ben. They were sure looking good and feeling loved. At first all were a bit nervous not understanding what this meant. But all went well.

Dogs are not our whole life; but they make our lives whole.

Roger Caras

Looking back--I think Finley knew her time with us would be short in human time but just long enough in doggie time to know and feel unconditional love. For we were soon to learn our precious girl was in the latter stages of kidney disease. On August 3rd from the comfort of her bed, and surrounded by her loved ones, Finley crossed the rainbow bridge.

Our Finley taught us what determination and the will to live truly encompasses. She had an amazing spirit. The love we both gave and received gives us hope she took with her the love and light she so deserved.

I wish the Rainbow bridge had visiting hours

To every fur baby who has entered my life, become part of my family, it has been a honor to love you! You each have made me a better human being. From the 1st to the last I have received much more than I gave. Obie, Jake, Jordan, Joe, Sarge, Rocky, Maya, and Finley -- until we will meet again. The

Rescues Maya and Rocky

Rocky's last Christmas We know he thought 'really mom' ?

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