Saturday Afternoon in a vibrant town

Come with me to discover Padua (Padova in Italian)

Padua is a lovely town in Veneto, at about 30 min from Venice. ~ One of its most famous landmarks is the Scrovegni Chapel with a beautiful fresco cycle by Giotto.

Piazza delle Erbe and Palazzo della Ragione are the heart of Padua. Every day (except Sunday) there's a colorful fruit and vegetable market until 7-8pm.

Padova is the site of an important University. Therefore it is young and lively, and the aperitif is almost a must.

Prato della Valle is a huge square in Padova surrounded by beautiful buildings.

Padova is at a crossroad: roads and trains from Trieste and Venice directed to Bologna and Rome, connect here to the route for Milan. So it's a great base to discover the surrounding area.

Padova train station at night. Beautiful but not the safest place: you don't need to fear, but watch out for your belongings.

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