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Some of you might remember that my first ever Steller was after my Dubai 2014 campaign. Well this year Dubai is BACK! I've just come home after leading a ten person tourism campaign with Dubai Tourism and it was even "funner" than it looked!

One of the things I love most about leading group campaigns is that I always have people to take photos of! This year I selected my group on what they could offer in addition to Instagram reach and I had an amazing combination of Bloggers, Snapchatters, Facebookers and even a Vlogger and Hyperlapse filmmaker!

Check the awesome crew out on Instagram - @melissafindley @haileybe @taramilktea @lichipan @youngadventuress @bare_kiwi @robmulally @matjoez and, @jarradseng

Now check out amazing Dubai!

Dubai is THE most amazing place for photographers and creatives because it is a massive playground, a city where anything is possible. The vibe is electric!

I have so much Dubai content and I would love your feedback on what you would most like to see ... Photography tips, Travel and destination tips, Behind the Scenes or just pretty pictures. ;)

In the meantime here are some BTS ...

Dubai crew 2.0

I couldn't have asked for a more amazing group of people to share this journey with! To them, and to Dubai Tourism a massive THANK YOU! Xxx

Support my friends at Dubai on Instagram - www.instagram.com/MyDubai #MyDubai


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