A Fall Hike

Mt. Lemmon

Tucson, Arizona, is situated at 2,500 feet above sea level. It is classic Sonoran Desert. Directly to the north are the Catalina Mountains, with Mt. Lemmon rising to 9,000 feet. One hour drive from my house and I am in a pine forest, which also is great for fall colors.

With recent rain, the creek along the trail was flowing.

Maple trees in Marshall Gulch.

10 years ago a forest fire ravaged the top of the mountain. Now new growth is appearing and many of the burned trees are falling.

Rocks embedded in the roots of this fallen Ponderosa Pine.

The dead tree trunks eventually decompose, with the help of insects. The bears dig, looking for a meal.

New growth is appearing all over in the burned area.

Ponderosa Pine.

Douglas Fir.

On the way down, on a different slope, we passed through a stand of Aspen trees.

The recent moisture in the higher elevations has been good for various fungi and moss.

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